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With my son-in-law, I make a few accessories for pens.
New England craftsmanship is the heart of this classically styled wooden pen tray that will complement even the most elegant writing instruments. Handmade one at a time, the Northern Woods Pen Rest is truly a desk accessory worthy of the fine new and vintage fountain pens you’re so fond of collecting.
If you’re like me, you were really excited when your Levenger Shopkeeper’s Pen Case arrived, only to find yourself a little disappointed as you watched your pens, especially those 4” ringtops, slide right down out of view. You shouldn't have to take the trays out to enjoy your pens! And now you don’t have to, thanks to a lift from the simple, effective, and inexpensive Northern Woods Pen Boosters.
Customers’ Comments

I received the pen rest today. Better than I had imagined, really great pen rest. As a person who ran a custom wood shop for 15 years I can appreciate neat wood items. This pen rest is a great one!!!

Best regards,

Dean Tweeddale

Hi Dick,

The pen rest is beautifully crafted and finished, the piece of birdseye maple used has a really stunning grain pattern. The rest is really practical, my pens now have a home on my desk, and as my desk gets pretty cluttered. I no longer have to search through reams of paper to find them. :)


Donal Higgins