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OUNTAIN PENS offer the writer a delightful aesthetic experience; they’re pleasing to use, and they produce a distinctive handwriting that cannot be achieved by any other means. (Read my essay about fountain pens.)

As a writer, I started with modern pens. Once I’d become thoroughly hooked, I began collecting vintage pens (made before 1960) — not with the intention of building a massive collection but rather with an eye toward a small number of American pens that I find interesting because of certain design features, because they’re classics or type examples, or just because they’re cool.

Once I had become fascinated with collecting and using pens, it was only natural that I should begin restoring them, both for myself and for others.

What’s new? I’ve added a page of information to help you date a Parker Vacumatic. I’ve replaced my black military-clip Balance with a gold striated one. And I’ve added pop-up lists to show you what pens are on each page of my collection.
Note: The pen images here are not life size, but they are all the right size relative to each other.
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