Here are some pen sites I’ve found interesting or useful. Enjoy!
Bill Acker’s Fountain Pen Page
The Battersea Pen Home
Bertram’s Inkwell for Fine Writing Instruments since 1985
a Box of Stylos & Pens (bilingual English/French)
Colorado Pen Company
eBay online auction (direct link to fountain pens)
Fine Pens Online
Fountain Pen Hospital vintage pens for sale, Gary & Myrna Lehrer
Ink Palette: Purveyors of Fine Inks and Refills
The Ink Sampler: Greg Clark’s indispensable guide to everything you wanted to know about hundreds of inks
Jim Gaston’s Fountain Pen Site
Levenger: Tools for Serious Readers (John Mottishaw)
The Pen Museum
Pen World Online — the largest Internet auction source for fountain pens, writing instruments, and accessories
Pendemonium Vintage Writing Collectibles
Penlovers: The Internet Site for Fountain Pen Lovers
penoply ... a fountain pen website
Pentiques: Vintage Writing Instrument Repair & Restoration
PenTrace: The Site for Fountain Pens that Write
Private Reserve Ink
RossPens: Your Source for Reliable, Affordable Vintage Pens
Sheaffer Pen Company
Swisher Pens: Your Internet Source For Fine Quality Writing Instruments
Vintage Pens Website (David Nishimura)