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1944 Gold Pearl Vacumatic Major, Blue Diamond, semi-flexible M gold Arrow nib. Condition: B-. Excellent barrel transparency. Indicia not engraved. Long edges of clip brassed. Length: 51/8”. Price: $95.00 (Add to shopping basket)
1947 Midnight blue Vacumatic-fill 51, Blue Diamond Lustraloy cap, F/XF nib. Condition: B-. Engraved J. D. KRUEGER. Writes smoothly. Length: 57/16”. Price: $85.00 (Add to shopping basket)
1950 Teal blue aerometric 51, Lustraloy cap. F nib. Condition: B. Writes smoothly. Slight burnishing from cap ball. Length: 53/8”. Price: $85.00 (Add to shopping basket)
Brown 51 Special, stainless cap, XF nib. Condition: C+. Writes well for an XF nib. Condition B except for small rust spot near clip. (See picture.) Length: 53/8”. Price: $40.00 (Add to shopping basket)
Hunter Green 21, M nib. Condition: B. Very slight burnishing on cap from clip. One small “fleabite” on shell. Length: 51/4”. Price: 30.00 (Add to shopping basket)