Waterman’s Ideal No. 7 
Conklin’s Crescent-Filler 
Sheaffer’s Jade Flat-Top Lifetime 
Wahl-Eversharp Skyline 
Depression-era No-Name 
Esterbrook Dollar Pen and Model J 
Parker Jack-Knife 
Moore Fingertip 
Sheaffer’s Balance 
Moore’s Non-Leakable Safety Pen 
Parker Vacumatic 
Parker 51 
Sheaffer’s PFM 
Sheaffer’s Desk Set 
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PFM: The Pen For Men
Sheaffer’s PFM, introduced in 1959, was a major departure from the ordinary business of making pens. It used Sheaffer’s reliable Snorkel filling system, and its distinctive, bold masculine design should have been a great hit. It wasn’t. The model was discontinued after only four years. The pity of that fact is that the PFM is widely considered today to be one of the best fountain pens ever designed. But although the PFM itself didn't last, the design innovations it carried did last. Sheaffer's continues today to sell pens with the remarkable Inlaid Nib, and until very recently marketed an inexpensive line called the Triumph Imperial, which was essentially identical in design to the cartridge/converter Imperial of the 1960s. The pen here, with gold nib and gold-filled trim, is a PFM III; other PFM models featured metal caps and palladium-silver nibs. This pen is 53/8” capped and 59/16” with the cap posted. It writes marvelously.
Everyone Needs a Desk Pen
Most of the major manufacturers made desk sets as well as pens for the pocket. This set, a relatively plain 1930s Sheaffer’s model, is fairly typical of its time. This Lifetime pen has a two-tone serially-numbered fine nib suitable for manifolding, and the base features a prism cut from lead crystal. The pen is 713/16” long.
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